XLEAD Sdn. Bhd. provides cutting edge system development services for companies of various sizes. By using our experience, together with the latest technology, we deliver top notch quality to our software development and support services. We provide an alternative solution to companies who do not wish to buy "off the shelf" solutions by providing customized software solutions.

Web Application

We provide customized solutions that include e-commerce, customer relationship management system (CRM) and much more. Our web applications are developed on Microsoft .NET framework, which together with our programming skills help to accelerate time-to-market and improve performance of the system.

Conducting Requirement Study

It is important that we understand the business requirement and expectations of the customer, and we have a team who are experts in this area. At the end of the requirement study, we will deliver the functional specifications and the prototype of the system for the customer's review

Data Migration

A lot of companies are reluctant to upgrade to new systems because a lot of data is already in the old system. If these data is not migrated to the new system, then the information would be lost or they will have to maintain two systems at the same time. Data migration requires planning, preparation and experience and we have vast experience in this area – having successfully migrated our customers data on numerous times.

User Training

To ensure the successful implementation of any system, it is important that the users are fully trained. Our training program is planned together with the customers and is tailored according to the organization setup of the company.

System Implementation

We provide :

• Pre-implementation support, which includes site preparation and installations.

• On-site implementation support during live run.

• Post-implementation support

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