Over the years, XLEAD have custom developed and successfully implemented various software applications. Most of our applications run actively at our clients' site and consistently getting updates, enhancement and maintenance. Some details of our projects are listed below.

Water Billing Infomation System

The Enterprise edition is a comprehensive and fully integrated back-end billing system, comprising of modules like: customer management, billing and payment information, meter information, enforcement, deposit management, customer relationship management, operation reports and management reports. The application is also available in Small business Edition (SBE) which is a scale-down version of the Enterprise Edition and is mainly for smaller utility companies.


e-Billing and e-Payment

This application is an extension of the Water Billing Information System to provide the customers with options to view their billing information and make payment through the web.

Mobile Billing Information System

This is a billing software which runs on mobile devices and is used for capturing of meter reading, computation of charges and issuing of utility bills. The system integrates fully with the Water Billing Information System.

Mobile Collection System

The Mobile Collection is designed for collection of utility bills using mobile collection centres. The system allows the customer to check their accounts, request for duplicate bills and make payments. The payments is then integrated back to the host Water Billing Information System.

Water Quality Management System

This is design to record and monitor quality of raw water and treated water and produceĀ  analysis reports like quality compliance reports, quality assurance reports and quality violation reports.

X-Incentive System

x-Incentive is a web-based incentive compensation system, which calculates incentive or commission payment and KRA of sales agents. Currently, the system is handling more than 10 incentive schemes of different channels that involve volumes of up to 10,000 transactions per month. The system enables the bank to monitor sales performance of different channels and accelerate the sales growth.

Total Information Management Suite

Total Information Management Suite is an integrated management suite which incorporates all the related software which has been developed by the company as a fully integrated solution.

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